Vegan Butter Substitutes

Vegan Butter Substitutes


Homemade Vegan Butter

STORE BOUGHT Vegan Butter Substitutes

United States Brands

  • Earth Balance
    Products: Original, Soy-Free, Organic Whipped, Olive Oil, Omega-3, Organic Coconut Spread
  • Melt Organic
    Products: Original, Probiotic, and Buttery Sticks
  • Nutiva *
    Product: Organic Buttery Coconut Oil
  • Smart Balance
    Products: Light with Flaxseed, Omega-3, Light Omega-3, EVOO, Light with EVOO, Organic
  • Wayfare *
    Products: Salted Whipped Butter, Garlic Whipped Butter, Sweet Cinnamony Whipped Butter

UK Brands

  • Becel
    Product: Becel Vegan
  • Biona Organics
    Product: Organic Cocomega Coconut Spread, Olive Extra Spread, Vegetable Margarine
  • Nuvel
    Product: Nuvel Omega-3
  • Pure
    Product: Soya Spread, Sunflower Spread
  • Rakusens
    Product: Tomor Vegetarian Margarine
  • Suma Spreads
    Products: Olive Spread, Soya Spread, Soya Spread Organic, Sunflower Spread, Organic Sunflower Spread

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